Social Media Post Ideas For October

There is no doubt about it, the Fall is a BUSY time of year for all of us. But, don't let your social media strategy slip as we head into Q4!

When we are developing a content strategy, designing an email campaign or drafting social media posts for Social Kitchen clients, October is chock-full of fun holidays and important awareness days that we draw inspiration from. Below, we've listed some of our favorite reasons to celebrate in October. When reading these, think about how you could use them to have some fun and increase engagement on social media. Perhaps a pizza giveaway on Facebook in celebration of the fact that October is National Pizza month? Or, ask customers to nominate their favorite teacher for a special giveaway on World Teacher Day. Maybe share a Steve Jobs quote on October 16th, that reflects your brand. The possibilities are endless, be creative!

Monthly Celebrations/Awareness:

  • October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • October is National Pizza Month

Weekly Celebrations/Awareness:

  • Oct 9th: Fire Prevention Week

Daily Celebrations/Awareness:

  • Oct 1: World Vegetarian Day
  • Oct 2: National Name Your Car Day
  • Oct 3: National Boyfriends Day
  • Oct 4: National Taco Day
  • Oct 5: World Teacher's Day
  • Oct 7: World Smile Day
  • Oct 9: National Beer and Pizza Day
  • Oct 10: World Homeless Day
  • Oct 12: Take Your Parents To Lunch Day
  • Oct 14: Be Bald and Free Day
  • Oct 15: World Math Day
  • Oct 16: Steve Jobs Day
  • Oct 17: Boss' Day
  • Oct 18: National Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • Oct 20: National Waiters Day
  • Oct 21: Apple Day
  • Oct 22: Make a Difference Day
  • Oct 23: Mother-In-Law Day
  • Oct 25: World Pasta Day
  • Oct 26: National Pumpkin Day
  • Oct 30: Checklist Day
  • Oct 31: HALLOWEEN!

October is also the perfect time to acknowledge all of the wonderful things that we love about Autumn. Social media and blog posts could include sharing a list of local pick-your-own apple farms, a favorite Fall recipe, football game-day promotions or even creative pumpkins carved by your staff. Also, remember that your customers are busy this time of year as well. What conveniences can you offer them to make their life easier?

Finally, don't forget that the holiday season will be sneaking up on you pretty quickly. NOW is the time to begin promoting holiday events, bookings or specials. Just don't over do it—like you, your customers will appreciate being eased into the season of hustle and bustle!

Action Item: Pull out your October calendar now, and simply jot down an idea for each day or week for your social media posts. Coming up with the idea is half the battle—do this now and October will be a breeze!